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By Paul Gierhart

Beau McMillan
Second Base - Florida Marlins

Probably the most important facts of any draft, is the fact that being a number one draft pick doesnít guarantee anything. In fact, your draft position doesnít mean anything. You've either got game or you donít.

Just take a look at where the newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame were drafted. Wade Boggs was a number seven pick in the June 1976 draft and played six years in the minors before hitting Bean town. Ryne Sandberg was a number twenty-one pick in the June 1978 draft and played four years in the minors before being trade after thirteen games with the Phillies to the Cubs. Ian Kinsler, a 17th rounder in 2003, tore up the Midwest League last summer for the Clinton Lumberkings.

When it came to getting interview questions ready for Beau McMillan, a 39th round (1178 pick) from the June 2004 Draft, I really had to do some homework.

Top Prospect Alert is happy to present an interview with Beau McMillan!

TPA: After signing with the Marlins, what were your experiences like at Gulf Coast Marlins (R)? You played 20 games batting .304, 3 stolen bases, 21 hits, and scoring 13 runs, before moving up to Greensboro (A). What adjustments did you have to make in the 6 games played at Greensboro?

McMillan: Rookie ball was tough because youíre up early everyday and they are long days in the dead heat, the strike zones are big, and the wind blows in on every field but i had a blast and had some great coaches. Real good baseball guys. When I got the call up everything just seem to go right for me out there. I felt like a big leaguer because the crowds were great. The competition was like night and day compared to rookie ball. The adjustments came a little easier up there because the strike zones were so good that I just didnít swing unless they came in the house and when they did I was lucky enough to get some good wood on it.

TPA: What thoughts/emotions did you experience before, during and after the June 2004 draft? How hard was the decision to sign with the Marlins over signing as a free agent with another team?

McMillan: I always felt like it was going to happen my whole life. I know everyone takes a different route to the pro's and i just felt very fortunate that I was given a chance to do what I love. There could not have been a better scenario for me because the Marlins are my favorite team, Iím from West Palm Beach, and my family is so close. It was a dream come true.

TPA: Describe your time playing during the summer of 2002 with the El Dorado Broncos and 2003 with the Vermont Mountaineers. Would you describe these teams as good stepping stones to the pro game? And how do these teams differ from playing in the minor leagues?

McMillan: These two summer ball teams were huge stepping stones to the progression of my game mentally and physically. It was fantastic baseball and it is great just to get to travel and play ball in different towns and see how different people live. Playing minor league baseball for me has been my greatest baseball experience. Every night is a learning experience because of how talented everyone else is and how quick and competitive it is.

TPA: Describe your baseball career at Lynn University.

McMillan: My career at Lynn was the best experience of my life. Everyday was better than the next for the most part. I feel that I was pretty successful there but I was ready for more. I met some great people and really feel I came into my own for the person I wanted to be, I also walked out with a bachelors degree in business administration.

TPA: What role has your family played in your baseball career?

McMillan: My family is the reason that I have gotten the opportunities that have come my way. I could not have asked for two better parents and brothers that knew that nothing was more important to me than baseball and would do anything to help me further myself.

TPA: How would you describe your high school career at Cardinal Newman High School? Were there any special coaches or teammates that left an impression with you on how you will approach the pro game? And tell us about being an All-Palm Beach County all four years and All-Florida your freshman and senior years

McMillan: I enjoyed my career at Newman very much. Everyday was a learning experience in trying figure out who I was and what I wanted to be. I had a great group of friends that were very supportive and were always pushing themselves and me to get better. Receiving those honors was great and were just individual goals that i set for myself every year.

TPA: Did you have any private workout(s) with any of the major league teamsí scouts prior to the June í04 draft?

McMillan: My senior year in high school I worked out for the Cubs, Pirates, and Mets.

TPA: What aspects of your game do you feel you need to work on and what is your off season training like? Did you attend instructional play this fall?

McMillan: The aspect of the game that I work on everyday is just to learn more and more. Anything that I can take in and will do some good I enjoy so much. I was able to train everyday with my college for the fall and some of the spring this off-season. My main goals in the off-season are to create more speed and to gain strength.

TPA: What are your earliest recollections of professional baseball players & games attended? Did you collect baseball memorabilia as kids?

McMillan: My earliest recollection of pro ball players and ball games is just the way that they would walk from the clubhouse to the dugout at spring training games with like 3 bats and there gloves. My first memory of a baseball game was at the Astrodome when I was eight.

TPA: What is your attitude towards in-person and through-the-mail autograph seekers?

McMillan: Anybody that wants something signed by Beau McMillan will get it.


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