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Top Prospect Alert Interview - Daniel Floyd

By Paul Gierhart

"Charlie Hustle from the land down under"
In the modern game of baseball there is a lot of room for specialists and the same can be said for the player who fills in anywhere and everywhere. The later can be said about the source of this interview.
Native Australian, Daniel Floyd, signed as a non-drafted free agent January 13, 2000 with the Seattle Mariners.  Floyd made his pro debut with Peoria in the Arizona League, hitting .321 with two home runs and 34 RBIs in 34 games.  He advanced to Wisconsin in the Midwest League in 2001 hitting .260 with 5 home runs and 38 RBIs in 90 games.  At the end of the 2001 season he had surgery on his left wrist.  As a result he has returned to the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers as a utility player.
TPA:  Whom do you compare yourself to?
Floyd:  Pete Rose, because of his attitude towards the game is the same as mine.
TPA:  Did you collect cards as a kid?
Floyd:  I collected cards, but not because of whom they were, but rather for collecting sake.
TPA:  Who was your favorite team as a young player?
Floyd:  The Yankees, because of all the tradition and all the great players.
TPA:  Did you think you'd start the 2002 season in Wisconsin?
Floyd:  I had a feeling I would, since I was coming off of surgery on my left wrist after the 2001 season and the slow start I had in 2001.
TPA:  Did you have a difficult time coping with life in the states after you signed as a free agent in 2000?
Floyd:  No, because there is a lot of Australian in the states playing and my agent always keeps in contact.
TPA:  Whom do you keep in touch with from Australia?
Floyd:  Chris Snelling; we have the same agent.
TPA:  How does the Australian leagues differ from their American counter-part?
Floyd:  The game in the states is more advanced in the way it is played.
TPA:  What role does your family play in your baseball career?
Floyd:  Family is before baseball.  They always have helped me and have been tougher with me, since they want me to take full advantage at being successful playing ball.


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