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Top Prospect Alert Interview - Ramon Royce

By Paul Gierhart

Ramon "Rolls" Royce - A Pitcher With Class
    On the eve of a potential Major League Baseball strike, I come home from work to a broken water main at the foot of my driveway.  I come in the house and open some mail from John A. Logan College and Louisiana State University Baseball Team and the telephone rings.  On the other end
ia a up- beat pitcher with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers - Ramon Royce. We had talked two times before games in Clinton, Iowa and I offered to interview him when an opportunity came up.
    "I'm on my way to Beloit; let's do that interview," explained Royce.  He was on his way to Beloit from Appleton Wisconsin.  His grandmother (on his mother's side) had passed away and he was on his way to the funeral.
    I was a little worried with my three son's running around the house and our new Jack Russell Terrier barking, the interview would have to wait until later.  Royce wouldn't hear of it.  "I have four'll be just like at home," commented Royce.
    As a result, here is an interview of one of the classiest players I've ever met.
Ramon Royce
#25 with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
Born:  September 22, 1979 in Boise, Idaho
Bats:  Right
Throws:  Right
Height:  6'-5"
Weight:  215 lbs
Residence:  Boise, Idaho
Obtained:  Mariners' 17th-round selection in the 2001 June draft.

Career notes:  Began pro career in 2001 with Peoria (AZL), going 3-5 with a 5.87 ERA in 20 games, including three starts.  Attended Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario, Oregon, and Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. 

Major in college:  Business Administration.
TPA:  What was your first impressions of  pro ball?
Royce:  "You have to get use to 10-12 hours of baseball and throwing everyday and the business part of the game.I love it and don't take anything for granite."
TPA:  What is your off season training like?
Royce:  "Weight room three times per week, medicine ball for core strength two time per week and running an average of two miles every three days."
TPA:  And during the season?
Royce:  "During the season two to three miles of running, weights two times a week, and medicine ball.  Since the season can take it's toll, I drink protein shakes to maintain my weight."
TPA:  A question I've never asked a ball player before is about the team covering equipment cost.  What do they supply?
Royce:  "They supply the uniforms, bats, and helmets.we take care of our own gloves, shoes, batting gloves, etc."
TPA:  Have you had any major injuries?
Royce:  "No."
TPA:  Where do you see yourself next year at this time?
Royce:  "At San Bernardino in the California League.step by step up the mountain."
TPA:  Any plans this Fall and Winter?
Royce:  "I hope to be invited to instructional league in Peoria, Arizona and continue to work on mechanical improvements.  It would be great to play Winter ball, but it's tough for a "A" ball player; it's mostly for AA and AAA players."
TPA:  What are your pitching strengths?
Royce:  "I feel I have good control and location and I get a lot of outs."
TPA:  Who do you compare yourself to?
Royce:  "That's really tough to say." (I helped Royce out, since I've seen him pitch.  I compare him to a young
Greg Maddux or Tom Glavine.)
TPA:  Who's your favorite player?
Royce:  "Kevin Brown."
TPA:  Who's your favorite team?
Royce:  "The Braves.  My parents are originally from Beloit, Wisconsin and my father has been a Braves fan since the days they were in Milwaukee."
TPA:  Outside of  baseball, what is something about yourself most people don't know about you?
Royce:  "I love working with kids at a baseball camp in Canada that my friend coaches.  It's an awesome feeling to help them focus, set goals and work hard.  Also living in Idaho, I love the outdoors.hunting and fishing."
TPA:  Anything you want to add about your baseball experience this year?
Royce:  "The Mariners are a first class origization with positive coaches, staff and trainers.  They provide a good environment and it's all about helping players.  It awesome playing for Gary Thurman.  He made his living with his speed and base stealing ability.  He has taught me
how to watch base runners and keep them from running on me.  Brad Holman (pitching coach) has taught me with each count, what is the most effective location and pitch."


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