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Softball Bunting, Slap Hitting, and Short Game Instructional Videos
Slap Hitting for Softball (Video) by Darren Mueller

Slap Hitting for Softball (Video) by Darren Mueller

Presents a detailed overview of how to effectively put the ball in play and exert pressure on the defense. In an easy-to-understand manner, the video reviews the key factors involved in sound slap hitting. The video is designed for both beginning and experienced slap hitters. Covers proper footwork for slap hitting, developmental drills for slap hitting, putting pressure on the defense, drag bunting, and coaching pointers. 2004, 34 min.

Coaching and Teaching Slap Hitting (Video)

Coaching and Teaching Slap Hitting (Video)

This video features Ricci Woodard, Southwest Texas State University. During the 2001 season, her first at Southwest Texas State, Ricci Woodard led the Bobcats to their best record in school history and a number 17 ranking nationally. In this video, Woodard unveils her techniques for slap hitting and shares important tips on other areas of hitting. For coaching the slappers, she focuses on placement of the hitter in the batter's box, hand placement on the bat, footwork, and getting out of the box. She includes five essential drills for teaching a slap hitter and perfecting these techniques. In the bonus hitting techniques section, Woodard zeroes in on the point of contact and the stride as the keys to driving the ball. Seven great drills bring these techniques into focus. Using these same hitting techniques, the 2002 Bobcats set the NCAA single game home run record hitting eight home runs in one game! 41 minutes. 2003.

Slap Hitting:  Offense & Defense (Video)

Slap Hitting: Offense & Defense (Video)

With Jay Miller, University of Missouri Your team will benefit from this thorough analysis of the slap, from both sides of the ball. Your players will learn a step-by-step progression for teaching this great offensive skill so they will get on base more often and score more runs. Learn to adapt the skill to different defenses and combine it with other offensive strategies to baffle your opponents. Flip the coin and go on defense to let Coach Miller show you the best ways to limit the effectiveness of having the slap used against you. Coach Miller gives you a complete look at the slap to help you win more games! (52 minutes)

Bunting and Hitting Progressions for Younger Players (video) by Sue Enquist

Bunting and Hitting Progressions for Younger Players (video) by Sue Enquist

Explains and shows an effective and time-efficient method for teaching younger softball players the proper way to bunt and hit. In an easy-to-understand and apply manner, the video reviews the key components of sound hitting and offers game-tested drills for developing each element. Covers the bunting game, three swing phases, hitting mechanics, hitting progressions, common hitting problems, one-arm drill work, tee work, contact point and rhythm, and self-toss drills. 2003, 56 min.

Hitting, Bunting And Base Running (VIdeo)

Hitting, Bunting And Base Running (VIdeo)

With Margo Jonker, Head Coach, Central Michigan University Margo Jonker shows you how to keep pressure on your opponent's defense with the three Bs of offense: batting, bunting and baserunning. Everything is covered form bat selection to sliding into home. Starting with the fundamentals of hitting, Coach Jonker will teach you proper hitting mechanics from the ground up. Learn special techniques for teaching left-handed hitters the drag bunt and running slap. Numerous bunting techniques and strategies are shown: the sacrifice bunt, the push bunt, the slap, the drop bunt and the suicide squeeze. Once the ball is in play, the baserunning fundamentals will put your team in high gear. Leading-off, tagging-up and a sliding progression are just a few of the techniques demonstrated. (59 minutes) To order the Championship Softball Video Series click here .

Bunting And Sliding (Video)

Bunting And Sliding (Video)

With Sue Enquist, Co-Head Coach of UCLA Coach Enquist shows the correct ways to execute the sacrifice, the squeeze, and the slap bunts, as well as many drills to make you better at these key offensive tools. She also describes many different techniques to teach the correct art of sliding, techniques that help make sliding fun and easy to learn. (58 minutes)

Utilizing the Short Game to Score Runs (Video) by Darren Mueller

Utilizing the Short Game to Score Runs (Video) by Darren Mueller

Explains how coaches can use the short game to make their teams more aggressive and, as a result, score more runs. In an easy-to-understand and apply manner, the video addresses the basic elements of a successful short game and discusses how coaches can improve their team's ability to execute each key aspect. Among the topics covered are bunting techniques, baserunning techniques, situational hitting, moving runners, and coaching pointers. 2004, 45 min.

Hitting:  The Short Game (video) by Jacquie Joseph

Hitting: The Short Game (video) by Jacquie Joseph

Features an in-depth discussion on the given topic from America's best Coaches and finest programs. X's & O's are diagrammed and game footage is used in many presentations. Filmed live at a coaches clinic in a hotel meeting room. Royalties benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 1996, 50 min.

Slap Attack - Drag Bunting (video) by Henry Christowski

Introduces an explosive softball drag bunt/slap hit offensive attack that has produced winning results at every level. Demonstrates in detail progressive drills and the critical steps to performing the slap hit. Author : Henry Christowski. Length : 30.

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