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Yesterday's Top Minor League Performances
2007 Atlanta Braves Top 10 Prospects
Compiled by J.P. Schwartz
2007 Season First Quarter Ranking Update 5-9-2007
#1 Jarrod Saltalamacchia -- Preseason Rank: 1
(MLB) 3G .222, 1RBI, 1BB, 1K,
(AA) 22G .309, 7(2B), 6HR, 13RBI, 13BB, 17K

#2 Brandon Jones -- Preseason Rank: NR
(AA) 31G .291, 6(2B), 3(3B), 7HR, 25RBI, 8BB, 30K, 4SB

#3 Tommy Hanson -- Preseason Rank: NR
(Low-A) 0-2, 2.40ERA, 30IP, 9BB, 45K, .178BAA

#4 Yunel Escobar -- Preseason Rank: 9
(AAA) 26G .308, 6(2B), 1(3B), 1HR, 16RBI, 6BB, 11K, 5SB

#5 Elvis Andrus -- Preseason Rank: 2
(High-A) 29G .246, 8(2B), 2(3B), 1HR, 8RBI, 11BB, 28K, 5SB

#6 Jordan Schafer -- Preseason Rank: NR
(High-A) 2G .222avg, 3K, 1SB
(Low-A) 30G, .372avg, 15(2B), 2(3B), 5HR, 20RBI, 16BB, 31K, 4SB

#7 Anthony Lerew -- Preseason Rank: 8
(MLB) 0-0, 3.00ERA, 6IP, 2BB, 7K, 0.95BAA
(AAA) 1-0, 1.37ERA, 26.1IP, 8BB, 15K, .211BAA

#8 Matt Harrison -- Preseason Rank: 3
(AA) 4-1, 3.35ERA, 37.2IP, 13BB, 25K, .234BAA

#9 Eric Campbell -- Preseason Rank: 7
(High-A) 8G .179, 1HR, 2RBI, 4BB, 1K, 1SB

#10 Brent Lillibridge -- Preseason Rank: 4
(AA) 31G .261avg, 8(2B), 1(3B), 1HR, 8RBI, 15BB, 39K, 8SB

Beau Jones -- Preseason Rank: 5
(Low-A) 0-0, 2SV, 1.69ERA, 21.1IP, 5BB, 18K, .187BAA

Van Pope -- Preseason Rank: 6
(AA) 29G .160avg, 4(2B), 2(3B), 1HR, 11RBI, 7BB, 19K

Tim Gustafson -- Preseason Rank: 10
(Low-A) 1-2, 3.67ERA, 34.1IP, 11BB, 32K, .231ERA

Preseason Rankings

NOTE - Each player CANNOT have pitched more than 50 innings, nor had more than 130 ABs in the Majors in a single season
#1. Jarrod Saltalamacchia (21) Catcher
Mississippi (AA) 92 Games .230 9HR 39RBI

#2. Elvis Andrus (18) Shortstop
Rome (Low-A) 111 Games .265 3HR 50RBI

#3. Matt Harrison (21) Pitcher
Mississippi (AA) 77.1IP 3-4 3.61ERA 54K
Myrtle Beach (High-A) 81.1IP 8-4 3.10ERA 60K

#4. Brent Lillibridge (23) Shortstop
Lynchburg (High-A) 54 Games .313 2HR 28RBI 24SB
Hickory (Low-A) 74 Games .299 11HR 43RBI 29SB

#5. Beau Jones (20) Pitcher
Rome (Low-A) 110.2IP 5-5 5.61ERA 101K

#6. Van Pope (23) Third Base
Myrtle Beach (High-A) 127 Games .263 15HR 74RBI

#7. Eric Campbell (21) Third Base
Rome (Low-A) 116 Games .296 22HR 77RBI

#8. Anthony Lerew (24) Pitcher
Atlanta (MLB) 2IP 0-0 22.50ERA 1K
Richmond (AAA) 71IP 3-5 7.48ERA 69K
Mississippi (Double-A) 48.2IP 4-2 2.03ERA 37K

#9. Yunel Escobar (24) Shortstop
Mississippi (AA) 121 Games .264 2HR 45RBI

#10. Tim Gustafson (22) Pitcher
Georgia Tech (NCAA) 29.2IP 2-0 4Saves 3.94ERA 16K

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